"My art is my search for the moments beyond the ones of self knowledge. It is the rhythmic fantasy; a restless streak which looks for its own fulfillment! A stillness that moves within! An intense search for my origin and ultimate identity". - Meena

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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Liquid Lunch 2011-03m-29 (NF) Spence Venne - Meena Chopra - Jasmine D'Costa - Jude Fernandes on

INDIAN VOICES: Hugh Reilly and Natalie Filippelli speak with: author and publisher Meena Chopra about her art, poetry, and contribution to the upcoming book "Indian Voices" about to be released here in Canada; Jasmine D'Costa, creator of "Indian Voices" talks about the upcoming release party April 7 at The Supermarket art bar on Augusta and delves into ancient Indian history and mythology, including the ancient spacecraft called Vimanas; Jude Fernandes, contributor to Indian Voices (and creator of talks about his experience growing up in Goa, their food, and the fabulous beaches; then it's EXTREME CLOSEUP with Spence Venne on his triumphant return to (tune in live today at noon!)
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