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Saturday, 20 September 2014

FREE Workshop-e-publishing, Launching e-books-RANG AUR NOOR - Hindi & Urdu (COLOURS AND RADIANCE), IGNITED LINES (English) and others

"सभी पाठको एवं लेखक गण को "रंग और नूर" काव्य संकलन के विमोचन और फ्री इ-पब्लिशिंग वर्कशॉप पर सादर निमंत्रण। आपकी अमूल्य उपस्थिति का हमें विशेष रूप से इंतज़ार है। कार्यक्रम की रूपरेखा नीचे संलग्न फ्लायर में है।
पुस्तक विमोचन १:३० - ३:१५ pm
वर्कशॉप: ३:३०- ४:३० pm
२८ सितम्बर, ईतवार, सेंट्रल लाइब्रेरी मिसिसागा (पता नीचे है)
आभार के साथ
मीना चोपड़ा, अनिल पुरोहित, नसीम सयैद"
We are very excited to be included amongst the thousands of activities that are already registered to take place in hundreds of communities across Canada for the fifth annual Culture Day on September 28, 2014.FREE WORKSHOP ON E-PUBLISHING and LAUNCHING E-BOOKS (English,Hindi, Urdu)
CELEBRATING THE COLOURS AND RADIANCE OF HINDI POETRY & URDU SHAYARI (Event is a part of Ontario Culture Days & is sponsored by Mississauga Library System)
-----------Programme details-------------------
1) "RANG AUR NOOR" : Anthology reflecting the Hindi and Urdu poetic talent of Canada, sprinkling their colour and verve, there by enriching the wide panoramic landscape of Canadian ethnic literary arts.
EDITED BY: Nasim Syed, Meena Chopra, Anil Purohit
Names of the poets:
Canada ke lekhan ki shaan badhate hue RANG AUR NOOR mein sammilit kavi aur shayron ke naam. (Names of the poets included in RANG AUR NOOR(Colour and Radiance)
Anil Purohit
Faisal Azim
Meena Chopra
Nasim Syed
Manoshi Chatterji
Sameer Lal ‘Sameer’
Krishna Verma
Tahir Aslam Gora
Irfan Sattar
Jawaid Danish
Poonam Chandra “Manu”
Devedra Mishra
Poonam Kasliwal
Sundeep Tyagi
Gopal Bagel ‘Madhu’
Jasbir Kalravi
Savita Aggarwal ‘savi’
Nirmal Siddhu
Bhagawati Sharan
Buvaneshwari Pandey
Jagmohan Sangha
Raj Maheshwari
Poems have been transliterated by Alam Khursheed.
"Ignited Lines" (English) by Meena Chopra - Artist & Poet
"Subah ka Sooraj ab Mera Nahin hai" (Adieu to the Dawn) (Hindi), "Subah ka Sooraj ab Mera Nahin hai" (Urdu) by, "Subah ka Sooraj ab Mera Nahin hai" (Roman) by Meena Chopra, Urdu transliteration by Nasim Syed.
Workshop on blogging by Sameer Lal-Author, blogger:

Workshop on e-book publishing by Meena Chopra, Author, Artist, Consultant-Social Media Impact
The name RANG AUR NOOR (COLOURS AND RADIANCE) has been suggested by Bhupinder Virdi
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